An Ode to Ambien


By: Skelemetry

All hail the pharmaceutical demigods!

The ultimate drug lords!

To the twilight tweakers

Who wrestle with the dusk and dawn.

To those who toss their sheets in the night’s

Unforgiving tide.

To those who, no matter how many times

They watch Bladerunner, they can’t ever

Dream of electric sheep.

Here’s to that intoxicating elixir

That even waters the Sandman’s eyes.

The winged head takes flight

Pulling the shades over the skies,

Filling the mind with starlight,

Opening those bedeviled gates.

All hail Zolpidom Tartrate!


Face Time


By: H. Skelter

It came to me in a dream

Of books pouring a sea

Of faces.

The horrific sound of tweeting

Birds incessant chirping


Like a puppet on a string

I wake up dancing

To the harsh tune of keys,

Updating my status

Upon the glowing screen.



By: ETC. . .

A silent friend, nightly Leaf-like wings aflutter darkly Twirl about the lamplight’s glow, A reflection of my own restless soul.  We are kin, Drawn alike into enticing flame.  Our singed wings dance in darkness In search of light, to keep the cold at bay.  And when it is found, Hope flickers in our Ever-watching eyes.

My Father’s Eyes

By: Skeletopia

I looked into my father’s

Dark eyes

Buried in defeat.

I never knew my father

To ever give up.

In the eyes of a child,

Father is


But ever since my mother

Was torn from my father’s


He had nothing left to give.

I looked into my father’s

Sullen eyes,

And saw the same soot and tears

That painted so many abject


Unable to accept their


I turn back to my father’s

Hollow eyes,

The loud chorus of shots

And echoing screams

Deafen me.

But still, I heard my father’s

Strong voice

carry above the din,

“Be a mensch.”

Then the soldiers took my father’s

Eyes away…

© SD 09/13


Who is your favorite poet and why?

There’s no discrimination here

This is a blog you can rely

On, because we love to hear

It all that makes us wanna cry.

(P.S. You won’t get brownie points for liking this poem, because even I know it sucks.)

So come all poets, all letter jugglers, all word slingers, all wordsmiths, all pencil chewers and write with me!

From your demented editor,

Helter Skeletter

A Fool’s Journey


By: Skeletter

The fool saw an unreadable sign next to a deserted road.

He asked a hermit where the road led to;

The hermit replied, “It leads to everywhere and nowhere.”

This confused the fool.

“It leads to what you desire most.”  The hermit said.

With this the fool traveled the long road for forty years.

Then one day he saw a sign that looked awfully familiar.

He realized that it was the same sign he saw forty years ago.

He cried in despair, “What is this, some sick joke?!”

The same hermit walked up to him and asked,

“Did you see the world?”

“Yes, but it led nowhere.  I have nothing to show for it.”

A smile crossed the hermit’s old and weathered face, “Don’t you?”

The Bride

By: Skeletopia


A bride to be, she waits for him.

A beauty of swan-like grace,

Adorned in winter snow.

A bride to be, she waits for him

To lift this curse of solitude

She cannot bear to face.

A bride to be, she waits for him

A beauty of swan-like grace,

Held together by this costume.

A bride to be, she waits for him

To meet her ‘pon the breaking waves

At the tide, where death joins two.