My Father’s Eyes

By: Skeletopia

I looked into my father’s

Dark eyes

Buried in defeat.

I never knew my father

To ever give up.

In the eyes of a child,

Father is


But ever since my mother

Was torn from my father’s


He had nothing left to give.

I looked into my father’s

Sullen eyes,

And saw the same soot and tears

That painted so many abject


Unable to accept their


I turn back to my father’s

Hollow eyes,

The loud chorus of shots

And echoing screams

Deafen me.

But still, I heard my father’s

Strong voice

carry above the din,

“Be a mensch.”

Then the soldiers took my father’s

Eyes away…

© SD 09/13

One thought on “My Father’s Eyes

  1. skeletopia says:

    This poem is specifically dedicated to an amazing man, a holocaust survivor that was willing to share his horrific past with the world and to tell future generations to be a mensch (a good person), and to fight the evil that tries so tirelessly to threaten that.

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