An Anthology of Sin

By: Spencer DiSparti


Serpentine kiss

From his forked tongue, he flickers

His craft with serpentine splendor.

Her bodacious figure fills

His slit-eyes, like a libertine mirror.

Spellbound, she wanders where the beast

Was coiled about the ancient tree.

“Do not fear my child, for Death does not reside,

Where eyes desire the taste of illumination.”

The Fruits of Hunger

Enchantment’s euphoric scent

Draws her reverential eye;

Blinded by slithering charms,

She caresses the swollen jewel

That drips from the garden’s vine,

Delving into its supple flesh.

Licking her lustful lips of sin,

She revels with unbridled rapture.

Caught in the web of a dream,

She bestows this forbidden treasure

To him, sating his growing hunger.

Falling as one into the hands of temptation.

 A Garden’s Grave

Awakened to their nakedness,

They bury themselves in shame

As the voice of God beckons

His children to come to him,

Casting them from the garden

Of paradise, into the throes

Of the unforgiving world.

“My daughter, you shall crave the sword

Of your husband, enslaved to him

And bear the thorns in the womb—

My son, you shall harvest the cursed

Land, bleeding for your bread all your days,

From the dust you came, and so you shall return!”


Turned from grace, they entwined

And the seed of the world was sown.

One thought on “An Anthology of Sin

  1. skeletopia says:

    I wrote these a long time ago. I have always been fascinated by Christian Theology. The antithesis of good and evil. Where the hearts of men are so easily swayed by their desires. I hope you enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts!
    Spencer D.

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