Mind Slave

I feel your arms around me;

They choke me with vise-like ferocity.

I wrest my wrists in shackles I can’t resist,

Bleeding beyond the bone; I bite the pain.

Though leagues of time have passed between us,

I still feel you near. How? I do not know. But

I can see your face as clear as day;

See the malevolence, see the debauchery, see the end.

The end of an abject existence.

As I crawl through the muck and mire that is my life.

I find nothing, but you.  Poisoning my mind.

Haunting my every step.

Noose dances around my neck then pulls me up

As I gently sway from side to side.

I see the barrel pointed at my face and the trigger’s pulled

And I fall down into a bed of stars.

There, you sleep right next to me

And I feel a breath of foul things whispered into my ear.

Things I never knew, nor wished to know.

I scream for death to take me on swift wings;

To an end that meets no beginning.

Free from Life’s curse of living in yesterday.

Freed from my memory.


This Old House

This old house was young once; lithe and free.

It stood against all odds with fire in its eyes.

But the rock it once stood on has turned to sand.

The bitter hands of winter rending nails from the board,

Like thinned flesh tearing from the bone.

It’s been burglarized and vandalized so much,

There’s nothing left inside.

Its door swings ajar; slack-jawed in its mangled frame.

Its windows boarded up; blind to the outside world.

As the wind moans through the empty house

like a dying man’s hallowed screams.