Killing Time

I’ve seen him too many times to count.

This modern day vampire, feeding off

Of the life of man. I’ve seen him drain

The life of the young and old.  Seen their

lustrous hair, turn grey and melt into snow.

Flawless faces, now riddled with lines. I saw

Him pull a blade out and carve into

Their flesh, like that of a pumpkin.

He hops on top of a mother’s back,

And watches as she struggles under

His weight.  Within minutes, she’s hobbling

Along like a venerable crone.

He doesn’t know I’ve been waiting for

Him all these interminable years

Waiting for him.  Waiting to kill him.

As he ravages a young child;

Nothing but clothes and bones crumple

She falls into a pile of dust.

As he turns his eyes on me, his grin

Slithers across his face.  He lurches

Toward me, and I brace myself for what

Will come. I raise the dagger to meet

His savage heart; but then he stopped.

“I’m everything and nothing.” Time said.

“You can not kill me with what I was

Born from. I am the fabric that makes

This web we call the “Universe”.  I

Am the great equalizer.  Without

Me nothing could exist.  Not even you.”

“So why do you feed upon us like

Locusts devouring many crops?”

I asked.  “Death isn’t the great evil;

You are. Death is just a gatekeeper.

You are nothing more than a plague put

Upon this earth.” He stared at me

With those slits for eyes. “You see more than

most do in a lifetime.  I will let

You enjoy this moment for now, but

I will be back, because change cannot

Happen without Time.  And to stay the

Same is to die.”