By: Spencer DiSparti

What is this

Between, betwixt

My consciousness?

Kiss the shore

Of wakefulness;

That dying caress,

That nothingness

A twilit dream

Where sleep is

Once again reborn.


I Dreamt of Hell


By: Spencer DiSparti

Red in tooth and claw,

I dug their graves one by one

Leaving none.

What have I done?

Haunted were her eyes

That spoke of bitter times.

I prayed she would come back to me,

But that was just a lie.

I dreamt of Hell

Night after night,

For I have seen

The devil take

My wife from me.

My life forever owned

By death’s black deed.

Worms writhe beneath,

As I wept upon her stone;

A root that goes so deep.


By: Spencer D.

         s                e

You      m   i   l      at me through a veil of






Though I see no humor there.

A faux visage displayed.

A shell of what was

Cradles a fragile heart.

I see you put on the mask;

Donning your costume.

A sad clown with a painted grin

                                           Fools the eager crowds.

Beguiling them all the while,

They plead for more.

Pulling at your seams

Undoing the fixed smile

And tears begin to bleed





Your rosy cheeks

Beating like an ominous drum at your feet…



By: Spencer DiSparti

What predestined hell is this?

Are we all born from the fruit of Eve,

Accursed children of original sin,

Bound to tread the same ill-favored path?

My liver bleeds like that of a Titan;

Torn from my flesh by vulturous hands,

Chained to the same desolate crag;

The iron digs into my bones

And I sing to the numbing pleasure of pain.

A moribund soul drifting

Down a shore of bloated corpses;

Shedding one infernal skin after another.

Hell is not knowing you are already there

Forever bound to the chains you cannot see.