The Face of War

I see your eyes, far and lost.

A face frozen in time,

caked in dust and blood.

Dazed and shocked;

There are no tears, no cries.

I see your face so close,

yet so far away.

A picture says a thousand words;

But what words could we say?

The World’s eggshell heart

Breaks every single day,

For the pain, we cannot bear.

How many tears must be shed?

How many bombs must be dropped?

How many people must we destroy

Before we see our own destruction

In the eyes…of a little boy?



I Dreamt of Hell


By: Spencer DiSparti

Red in tooth and claw,

I dug their graves one by one

Leaving none.

What have I done?

Haunted were her eyes

That spoke of bitter times.

I prayed she would come back to me,

But that was just a lie.

I dreamt of Hell

Night after night,

For I have seen

The devil take

My wife from me.

My life forever owned

By death’s black deed.

Worms writhe beneath,

As I wept upon her stone;

A root that goes so deep.

The Lizard King

By: S. DiSparti

A lizard king drifts amid

His desert kin

Roving the ruins

Of his humanity

The dawning rays of fame

Burn his dream-filled gaze

Its brilliance much too great

For his soul’s own vanity

The eyes of a god grow dull

The doors of perception

Unlock for all to see

The fate of their idolatry

Laid at their swollen feet

In a bathtub for a grave

Its poison weeping





© Spencer D. 10/04/2013

L’Inconnue De La Seine


By: Spencer DiSparti

She wears a smile of a drowned Mona Lisa~

A deceptive smile disguising a secret.

A maudlin tale trapped between two lips~

Of a young angel’s wings scorched

By the open flames of love,

Driven into the arms of madness~

Put out by Lethe’s flowing hand.

A torrid tryst that left a swollen

Belly and a frozen heart~

Leaving this world with nothing

More than a smile…

My Father’s Eyes

By: Skeletopia

I looked into my father’s

Dark eyes

Buried in defeat.

I never knew my father

To ever give up.

In the eyes of a child,

Father is


But ever since my mother

Was torn from my father’s


He had nothing left to give.

I looked into my father’s

Sullen eyes,

And saw the same soot and tears

That painted so many abject


Unable to accept their


I turn back to my father’s

Hollow eyes,

The loud chorus of shots

And echoing screams

Deafen me.

But still, I heard my father’s

Strong voice

carry above the din,

“Be a mensch.”

Then the soldiers took my father’s

Eyes away…

© SD 09/13

The Bride

By: Skeletopia


A bride to be, she waits for him.

A beauty of swan-like grace,

Adorned in winter snow.

A bride to be, she waits for him

To lift this curse of solitude

She cannot bear to face.

A bride to be, she waits for him

A beauty of swan-like grace,

Held together by this costume.

A bride to be, she waits for him

To meet her ‘pon the breaking waves

At the tide, where death joins two.

The Face of Tragedy


By: Spencer DiSparti

Silent tears fall upon the blind,

Their naked sins drip down thy flesh.

Hands impaled by ignorance.

Thy forsaken heart does hear the end

With eyes somber gaze of a weeping grove,

Amid the bleeding thorns and stones.

Wounds of hate splinter deep within

From the stained cross, the spirit ascends.

And in thy death may the world be forgiven.