Alcest show @ the Marquee


It was such a privilege to see these guys in concert all the way from France.  If you are into atmospheric and beautiful music, I recommend Alcest hands down.  We were the last stop for them on their American tour!

Au revoir,




Who is your favorite poet and why?

There’s no discrimination here

This is a blog you can rely

On, because we love to hear

It all that makes us wanna cry.

(P.S. You won’t get brownie points for liking this poem, because even I know it sucks.)

So come all poets, all letter jugglers, all word slingers, all wordsmiths, all pencil chewers and write with me!

From your demented editor,

Helter Skeletter

Garth Von Buchholz

I recently came upon a dark, macabre writer/poet.  His writing is brilliant, haunting and beautiful all at the same time.  In 2009, he produced the Edgar Allan Poe 200 Project,[3] a popular online resource celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of 19th century author Edgar Allan Poe. In 2010, he founded Poe International,[4] an international social network for fans of Poe and his literary works. In 2010, he founded a new quarterly literary magazine of dark poetry, Dark Eye Glances,[5] which published its first issue in June 2010.  He has, as you can see, been heavily influenced by Poe’s work.  He is one of the few contemporary dark fiction writers I like that can adroitly blend the Edwardian and Victorian with a 21st century flair, which can both be understood and embraced by modern society, and still have its own uniqueness.  Check his work out at

P.S. For those of you who are of the faint of heart, you might want to take your pants off in advance so that you don’t embarrass yourselves, because these stories will definitely scare them off!