Welcome to Skeletopia, where the skeletons in your closet pour their hearts out.  This is a blog for aspiring poets and writers of all ages and styles.  This blog focuses more on dark, macabre-like poetry.  That doesn’t mean we want Poe plagiarists, or “I slit my wrists but now I I have to clean up the mess, because I didn’t succeed” type of poetry. We want original work that has a late-nineteenth century feel to it.  We are big on symbolism and romanticism, but are open to almost anything as long as it’s strange.  The number one topic we absolutely will not accept is politics.  Please keep your political Pez dispenser in your pocket.  As far as form goes, we don’t care.  Poetry is subjective and so are we.  Free verse, blank verse, triolets, villanelles, sonnets, doesn’t matter as long as it’s good.

Flash fiction and short stories are accepted, but be sure to spell check three times and then some.  We already took English (it was boring enough), so don’t expect us to teach it.  We accept fiction between 500 to 1000 words. No more, otherwise we get a brain freeze.

Artwork is also accepted.  Photos, paintings, sketches, anything that can be put into digital form.  We love impressionism, and abstract art is also accepted, as long as it’s not too abstract.  Just like poetry, if we don’t have a clue what you are talking about, no one else will either.

Unfortunately this is not a paid publication, the idea here is to get your work out there into the literary community and hone your writing skills.  And all publishing rights will belong to you, we are just the conduit to get your name out there.  This is an open forum so we encourage feedback and constructive criticism.  We are all sensitive when it comes to our work that we have put blood, sweat, and tears into so be nice.  No bullies on this playground.  To submit your work simply paste into the comment box with your name, title of your work, what kind of work you are submitting (poetry, fiction, art) and an email address included in the text.  If you have any questions regarding submission guidelines, you can email us at  Other than that, have at it!


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