Once we were one.

Our lives so entwined,

I could not tell where I began and you ended.

Who would have thought that the closer two hearts get,

The easier they are to break?

Now I find pieces of my shattered heart scattered everywhere.

The knife cutting deeper and deeper until it’s so dull,

I no longer feel the pain.

But when I wake and expect to see your face,

And all I see are empty sheets,

The knife is sharp once again.

The once little house now seems cavernous;

Your laughter echoing down the hall.

To see you hunched over the bathroom sink,

Sedulously applying your make-up;

Even though I thought you looked stunning

Without it.

Why is it so easy to forget the bad?

Why is it so easy to forgive you when you are gone

But not when you were here?

All I know is that I loved you…once.


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