Mind Slave

I feel your arms around me;

They choke me with vise-like ferocity.

I wrest my wrists in shackles I can’t resist,

Bleeding beyond the bone; I bite the pain.

Though leagues of time have passed between us,

I still feel you near. How? I do not know. But

I can see your face as clear as day;

See the malevolence, see the debauchery, see the end.

The end of an abject existence.

As I crawl through the muck and mire that is my life.

I find nothing, but you.  Poisoning my mind.

Haunting my every step.

Noose dances around my neck then pulls me up

As I gently sway from side to side.

I see the barrel pointed at my face and the trigger’s pulled

And I fall down into a bed of stars.

There, you sleep right next to me

And I feel a breath of foul things whispered into my ear.

Things I never knew, nor wished to know.

I scream for death to take me on swift wings;

To an end that meets no beginning.

Free from Life’s curse of living in yesterday.

Freed from my memory.

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