The Green Man and the Maiden


Your eyes whisper an age old wisdom.

Roses abloom on your sylvan cheeks

Your lichen beard tickling your chin.

You are verdant and strong.

You, who guards the land.

You, who guides my hand

Along the winding path.

You are the frothy mouth

That breathes into every stream.

You are the horn that crowns the stag,

The wind beneath every birds’ wing.

In the newborn spring, the maiden

Speaks your name with open hands

Raised in exaltation.

In the idle days of summer,

She sways in the gentle breeze.

She kisses her new-found lover

Under the ancient trees.

In the autumn sun, your leaves

Shimmer like gold as you see

The mother give birth

To the children of the earth.

As the days turn cold,

Your wizened face grows thin.

You carry the old woman in

Your withered limbs

To the place she calls home.

Forest Dweller 2014

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