The Resurrection

My apologies to all my fellow blog-kin.  I have been extremely busy lately, mentally and physically.  Switching to the graveyard shift is not an easy or natural transition and my brain has been literal mush as of late.  I am writing this to assure readers and bloggers alike that I will be returning to the forefront with dusty keyboard in hand ready to create once again.

To those who have commented or liked my work in the past, I encourage you to check out these other fantastic poets and writers; giving a shout out to Roxi St. Clair for her eloquent and visionary style, to the Underground Writer for their practical down-to-earth style and ardent determination, to Glittering Afterthoughts for their expounding abstract prose poetry, to Calliopes Lyre for his wonderfully raw and imaginative free verse, to You Monsters Are People for the name alone, to Garth Von Buchholz from Dark Eye Glances for his dark and magickal mind and his wonderful support of up-and-coming poets and writers, to Hastywords for her indefatigable imagination and passionate style of writing, and to the many more that have kept the dark literary community afloat, thank you!

Okay, I’m done now I promise, but seriously I highly recommend that if you haven’t already checked out these poets’/writers’ work, that you take the time because you won’t be disappointed.



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