A Muse in the Sea

By: S. DiSparti

O Muse, my Muse, are you real or a dream?

Come, O come speak to me and harken!

I can hear your sweet voice rustle through the leaves,

perching inside my ear like a lark on

A tree.  I speak with a thousand tongues,

In a thousand languages, but what

Am I to say?  What is trapped inside these lungs?

I ask you, O Muse, how many cuts

Must I make to gain wisdom from these wounds?

How deep must I go to find the pieces

Of my soul buried deep within the ground;

Beneath flesh and bone, a sea of voices sound,

Rising to the call of my roiling mind,

Begging me to save them from the ever rising tide.

3 thoughts on “A Muse in the Sea

  1. raecheldawn says:

    thank you for following my blog. This is a lovely post!

  2. raecheldawn says:

    Reblogged this on Dancing with Darkness and commented:
    Really enjoyed this poem! Hope you all do too!

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