Empty Sea


The siren’s sing their ugly lullabies,

Insomniac nights carve deep the ebon-

Circle scars beneath my eyes.


I dream of a thousand ways to die,

But I seem to only dream, to dream.

And the churning waves of my roiling mind

Crash in the darkness of an empty sea.


Poison bubbles from my hand overflowing,

Down the dry hollow of my miserable throat;

Cutting, burning, gutting, worming, floating

Down the strangling, dangling rope.


Knees buckle in protest swinging in prayer,

Bowed in a genuflection of despair.

Butterfly hands fold about my swan-like

Neck, dragging me down to the grass-like


Carpet, seizing upon its coarse flesh.

A sea of foam froths from my spouting mouth.

Eyes twitch in twilight between life and death,

And every punishing, labored breath

Is lost in the darkness of that empty sea…

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