Crippled (Eye)

your crippled (eye) only sees

what it can…not

like a vampire that slips by

the looking glass undisturbed


you are no more than a

whisp-er for you

have forgotten

your own voice

A slave to your mouse-

trapped mind

a fool charmed and slighted

by his own dirty tricks

though you slip through the puddles

of your mind

there need not be such suff’ring

beneath the muck-wreathed face

stirs a fire amidst the clay

let me be the one to

open up

the pale petals

of your fragile heart

sun-kissed your

dew-dropped lips

taste its warmth

you are an ivory ocean




two mighty rivers


supple slopes tender-

ly spilling into lush valleys

fertile green

and I meet you

on that great horizon

where dawn breaks

the furtive sky

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