By: S. DiSparti


Through listless eyes I stare

Off into the distance

My thin-stitched lips I wear

Curled in amusement

Indifferent to the world’s cares


A silent god displayed

Upon a splintered cross

The brilliant sun ablaze

Beats against my brow of straw

Amidst the fields burning

I wear a flaming crown

A sacrificed son returning


I wear this ugly mask estranged

from every virgin heart that nears

A face that mocks my lonely days

A face that every crow will fear

2 thoughts on “Scarecrow

  1. This is definitely a coincidence. I wrote a “Scarecrow” poem the other day for a writing challenge lol. This was a great poem! *Many Kudos*

  2. Skeletopia says:

    Thank you, I’m glad you liked it!

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