By: Erik Masson

Why am I so afraid to say yes or no?

Why do I deny my own self-worth?

Instead I quiet at the slightest tone

Of judgement.

Slave to the lashings of a silver tongue.

My skin has been peeled, raw to the bone

Ev’ry taunt or jeer burns like acid onto my flesh.

I would stand up if I knew how to walk.

Why can’t I just tell the world to fuck off?!


My blood is a running fountain that knows no rest

Wincing at the pain of every little paper cut.

A bitter sliver dug into my finger

Letting the wound fester

Into a stake that plunges deep into my sour heart!

And I hear the harrowing screams echo

Within these fragile walls,

My house threatening to fall.

I wait for the sound of glass to break,

But soon the house grows still

And the only thing I hear is the long,

Ragged breath of defeat resound…

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