By: Spencer D.

         s                e

You      m   i   l      at me through a veil of






Though I see no humor there.

A faux visage displayed.

A shell of what was

Cradles a fragile heart.

I see you put on the mask;

Donning your costume.

A sad clown with a painted grin

                                           Fools the eager crowds.

Beguiling them all the while,

They plead for more.

Pulling at your seams

Undoing the fixed smile

And tears begin to bleed





Your rosy cheeks

Beating like an ominous drum at your feet…

One thought on “Smile

  1. vozey says:

    Interesting. I liked your styling and concentration on the word smile. You emphasized all the right words, which juxtaposes smiles and sadness. The result is a fake smile. Beautiful.

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