By: Skelemetry


I scream with fire in my lungs. Standing on the edge of insanity.  An angry sea swallows the shores, Nothing left, but blood and dust.  Looming spires Impale fallen souls.  A horrid place Purged by hellfire.  Winged beasts that plague the skies.  Wraiths whisper ineffable horrors.  Shadows slither across the land; Demonic wings spread wide.  Corpses writhe in black rivers.  Their flesh, feed craving waters.  I fall on my knees in trepidation.  My mind weeps with fearful shivers.  Flames lick my skin as an infernal Sun bleeds on the horizon Vermin burnt with hideous light, Their silent screams eternal.  Ominous clouds devour the skies, Raining a storm of ash.  Fueled by the sins of man, Eternal fires claiming their cries.  Soon the blackness raids the lands.  Demented sounds slip into my ears.  Deep within the living void, A tremor runs through my fears.  Crimson eyes burn bright, A voice of splintered bones Breaks the silence, Cackling with delight.

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