The Never Ending Nightmare By: Spencer D.


The little boy jumped from cloud to cloud, picking out shapes along the way; a fluffy teddy bear with one button eye here, a half mutilated chocolate bunny with it’s delicious entrails seeping out there.  His reverie was soon broken when he saw him.  There, hovering like a demented dog was that insufferable luckdragon, Falkor.  He felt those possessed eyes fixed upon him, feeling them probe the very depths of his soul.

In waning desperation he quickly jumped off the nearest cloud in hopes of escaping this soon-to-be nightmare, but the shaggy demon was too fast and seized him by the scruff of the neck.  It was too late now.

“Why hello Atreyu, it is good to see you again, my friend.”

“I am not your friend!”  I practically spat out the words.

“Why of course we are Atreyu.  We would have to be if we are going on another adventure.”

I don’t know how long I screamed, but I screamed long enough to where the sky began to warble about me to the point I thought it might rip in half.

“This is really getting old.  I’m not a child anymore Falkor, I’m a grown man for God’s sake!”

“You can never age when you are in the Never Ending Story.”

“I’m 38!”  I screamed.  “I’m starting to think of all the dragons I met, you are the unluckiest one.”

The hairy beast looked at me with those bedeviled eyes and I saw in them a smoldering fury.

“You’ve been with other dragons!!” He growled.

“Duh, these are my dreams pal.  I can do whatever I want.”

Slowly, he began to dig his claws into my body.  Then he looked down at me fuming with jealousy and said, “Not anymore…my friend.”

And I knew I was doomed to live in this never ending nightmare until the end.

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